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Beach Blanket Bingo

What guy doesn’t like to see his girl in a smoking hot bathing suit? Bathing suits
are most likely one of the most overlooked gift ideas that a man would buy his

Some of the reasons this gets overlooked is getting the courage to go into a retail
store and purchasing one in person, the fear of being embarrassed when you
present it, and not knowing how to get the proper size just to name a few.

Most women have some level of self consciousness and do not think they would
look good in some of the suits that we would like to see them in. Selfish as it
sounds we dig girls in bikinis so why not put the one you love in something that
they may never buy for themselves. Big or small we love them all and it is your
job to make her feel good about herself.

If you don’t know her size do a little detective work look in her drawers and check
one she is already has and poach the sizes from that. If you can’t find one or if
she doesn’t have any go into her underwear drawer and use her bra and panty
sizes. (Don’t get caught checking to see if she uses fabric softener) If you don’t feel comfortable going into a
retail store to purchase a suit there are many reliable mail order companies that
you can purchase from either through a catalog or the Internet.

Don’t worry whether or not she will like it, she will and it will give you a lot of
points with her. The thought itself says that you think she is hot enough to wear it
and don’t be afraid to tell her how hot she is in it.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind. Take it slow out of the box don’t make
the first suit you buy a micro bikini from Wicked Weasel. And if you decide to go
all out on the first one don’t have her open it in front of the kids and her mother.
Have her open it alone so she doesn’t have to react in front of anyone. And if it
ends up being a little too risque for her to wear to the beach or the family pool
use you imagination. When you guys are home alone have her model it for you
and have your own little fantasy beach party at the house. If you have a pool and
tall hedges even better. Nothing wrong with a little adult outside activities. You be
the lifeguard and make her beach bunny you have always wanted to catch. Have
some fun with it you might just surprise the both of you.

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