Be a Hero, not a Zero

Anniversaries. Whether it’s your wedding, celebrating the first time you met, or any other significant date you share with someone that you love. First of all it’s extremely important to remember them, second of all it’s important to the one you love that you do something special to let them know that you care. Anniversaries with romantic significance deserve much more attention and preparation to be truly successful. Every so often you might be able to get away with the last-minute candy and flowers. But if you want to be a hero and avoid being is zero I have a plan for you that will require some preparation but will certainly make your next anniversary one she will never forget.
The keys to success in any good recipe or plan is always in the preparation. This plan will take some preparation and forethought on your part. It’s a fairly common practice to take your significant other out to dinner on your anniversary. It usually starts and ends at your favorite restaurant and then you go home and either do nothing or you make a little whoopee. Well if you plan to make a little whoopee why not make allot and take it off the charts!
Start out by planning your event in a restaurant with a very high-end swanky hotel attached. There are plenty of them out there and you might have to get off your wallet a little bit but will be well worth it in the long run. You need to make your reservations in the finest restaurant that they have and number two a reservation for one of their rooms. It doesn’t have to be the presidential suite but a nice room with a king size bed and more importantly a really nice bathroom makes a nice touch. If you have kids it will require some sort of child care either a late-night babysitter or maybe the grandparents spending the night.
During the day visit Victoria Secrets or your other favorite lingerie shop and pick up something smoking hot that you think your significant other would look good in. And if you want to be a little bold and kick it up a notch maybe purchased a little toy. If this is your first adventure with such I recommend something small and nonthreatening like the Pocket Rocket. Stop at the hotel you chose at check-in time order up some champagne and strawberries and place the lingerie you bought in the motel room on the bed arranged nicely. Go home pick up your love one and let the games begin.
After dinner when she thinks you are going to take her home and roll her in her own sheets lead her to the elevator. I’m sure she’s going to question what are you doing. You can either conceal the secret for the short elevator ride or you let her in on it right there. When you get up to the room with the lights dimly lit and she sees the lingerie, champagne and strawberries, she will know what you are there for and I think you can figure out the rest from here. (If you can’t you need to send me a private e-mail for some information that I’m not really ready to publish on this blog yet.)
All of the ingredients and most importantly the element of surprise will make this an anniversary neither of you will forget. If you try it let me know how it worked out.

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 Anniversaries 30 Comments